Want to know more about me?

Since I’m just starting out and I’m remaining anonymous, you obviously don’t know anything about me.  Well, guess what?  You’re fixing to learn a few things about me 🙂  


  • 20-something
  • from the mid-South
  • living with my fiance, Mr. Penny Chaser, and our two dogs
  • work a job, M-F
  • business degree
  • love to read personal finance blogs
  • suffer from lots of debt syndrome {haha}
  • have lots of goals in life
  • often dream of vacation after vacation
  • dream of being a professional blogger/traveler
  • physical appearance: blonde hair, 5’2 
  • in real life, I’m quiet at first until you get to know me. some people confuse this with being stuck up. 


I think that’s a pretty good starting list for now.  In my next post, you will find out why I plan to stay anonymous… so make sure you come back!